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Small Business Saturday

This weekend will be full of Black Friday Promotions and Cyber Monday deals everywhere online and in stores, however, a less known shopping day that also occurs this weekend is Small Business Saturday. This weekend you have a choice to choose to shop from large corporations who often dominate the market, exploit workers, and damage the environment with no repercussions… OR you can choose to support your local economy and business owners with shopping local. In a time like this, it is more important than ever to be giving back to our community members and business owners who have been working so hard to stay open. This year, instead of jumping onto the best deals, take the time to consider...

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Eco Kitchen's Launch

The time has finally come and Eco Kitchen has launched. Eco Kitchen is opening with a focus on creating a solution to the plastic pollution in our everyday lives. Plastic is wrapped around almost everything we purchase, and is overwhelming our atmosphere, oceans and landfills which are negatively impacting ecosystems, wildlife and consequentially humans too. We have been dedicating lots of time and resources into creating the ideal product for making the first steps into your eco-friendly journey. Focusing on the place where plastic waste is most rampant - the kitchen. If we all take individual steps towards lifestyle changes, we can make a collective difference where it matters. The Eco Kitchen Starter Kit is an easy way to begin...

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