Frequently Asked Questions


Q- Why should I use your products over standard kitchen supplies?

A - At Eco Kitchen, our goal is to make environmentally friendly home habits as easy and efficient as possible. We do this by offering an Eco Kitchen Starter Kit to deliver our one-stop shop to your door. There's no need to search for the best sustainable products in-store and online because we can bring top-quality, eco-friendly products to your home to make a positive difference for yourself and the environment. Using our products also supports environmental action because a portion of our total profits is donated to different environmental causes that focus on creating a healthier and more green future. 

Q - How are your products environmentally friendly?

A - Our products have environmental advantages compared to the standard alternatives you would find at your local store. Our products have a more sustainable life creation, cycle, and disposal process using natural and malleable materials that can be recycled or repurposed. All of our products are either plastic-free or have very minimal plastic to avoid contributing to the worldwide plastic pollution crisis. We also focus on shipping our products environmentally friendly by utilizing all-natural shipping bags that are compostable for smaller orders and also use recyclable cardboard boxes for more oversized items. In addition to this, all of our product packagings are plastic-free, and instead, we use recycled materials.

Q- How are your products sourced?

A - All our products are sourced from different types of natural materials including loofah sponge plants, bamboo, and coconut fibres. We also focus on using high-grade silicones that are a more sustainable alternative for single-use plastics and can be recycled after getting their long-lasting life. Our cotton bags are made out of 100% natural cotton to replace the need for single-use plastic produce bags. Our mission is to minimize a household's ecological footprint by reducing the amount of single-use waste used in the kitchen and using substitute reusable Eco Kitchen products.

Shipping & Orders

Q- Where are your products shipped from?

A - Our company operates out of Toronto, Ontario. That is where we store, assemble, and package our products to be shipped out to you. 

Q - What shipping service do you use?

A - We use Canada Post shipping to ship nationally in Canada and internationally. 

Q- How long does shipping take?

A - Shipping to all of Canada usually ranges from 2-10 days, and shipping internationally varies per region, although it will commonly arrive between 7-15 days in North America.

Q- How do I change my order details after it has already been placed?

A - If you would like to change the address of your order, you can do so by contacting our customer support team, who will assist you with this change. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will make your requested changes as soon as possible. 

Q- What if my order arrived and it is incorrect? 

A - At Eco Kitchen, we pride ourselves on top quality and service. Receiving an incorrect order is a rare circumstance, and we sincerely apologize if this has happened to you. Contact our customer support team with the order number, wrong items, and items you intended to receive. We will ensure that your order is correctly reshipped out to you free of charge.