About Us

Welcome to Eco Kitchen, your premier destination for sustainable kitchen solutions. Launched in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we've been on a mission since founded in October 2020. At Eco Kitchen, we're committed to simplifying sustainability in the kitchen, providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastics and other wasteful products. Our goal is to transform kitchen habits by offering straightforward, environmentally-focused alternatives.



At Eco Kitchen, our mission is to revolutionize kitchen practices by simplifying the transition to eco-conscious alternatives. We empower individuals to replace single-use plastics with our durable, reusable products and embrace our biodegradable, plant-based substitutes. Through countless small actions, each person becomes a part of the profound change benefiting ourselves, wildlife, and our cherished planet.


Eco Kitchen envisions itself as a leading force among sustainable brands, dedicated to combatting environmental pollution and safeguarding our precious planet. We aspire to be at the forefront of sustainable alternatives, offering solutions that significantly reduce harm to the environment. Together, we can create a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.


Our Commitment to Sustainability 

At Eco Kitchen, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We take our responsibility to minimize our ecological footprint seriously, and it drives our daily operations. Our unwavering commitment to green business practices guides us in every decision we make.
Reducing Plastic Waste
One of the cornerstones of our commitment is our dedication to reducing plastic waste. We are proud to package and ship all our products entirely plastic-free. This not only eliminates the use of single-use plastics but also serves as a tangible example of our dedication to environmental responsibility.
Raising Awareness
Beyond offering high-quality sustainable kitchen products, Eco Kitchen is on a mission to raise awareness about the global plastic pollution crisis. We firmly believe that individual actions can make a significant difference in reducing ecological footprints. That's why we invest our resources in promoting environmentalism, both online and within our local community. Our aim is to inspire innovative ways for people to engage in sustainable living activities and events.
Join the Sustainable Movement

In today's world, conscious consumers seek businesses like Eco Kitchen. They understand the pivotal role sustainability plays in protecting our environment. By choosing Eco Kitchen, you're not just making a purchase; you're making an eco-conscious choice. Over the long term, our products help you save money, protect wildlife, and steer clear of potential health risks linked to plastics. Most importantly, your support contributes to the critical mission of reducing environmental harm.

Join us in the global movement for positive change. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our world, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. Follow and stay in contact with our social media @ecokitchen.ca!

Meet Danielle, Founder of Eco Kitchen

Hello, I'm Danielle, the passionate owner and visionary behind Eco Kitchen. I'm a dedicated young entrepreneur on a mission to drive positive change in our society and protect our precious environment. Currently, I'm pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship at the Ted Rogers School of Management in bustling Downtown Toronto. I'm committed to applying the valuable insights and skills gained from my university studies to elevate Eco Kitchen and explore other impactful social entrepreneurial opportunities.

Eco Kitchen Founder Danielle Langendoen


From a young age, I've harbored a deep desire to make a lasting, positive impact on our Earth and its environment through my career. Recognizing that true change requires collective effort, I set out to engage and inspire others to join me on this journey. Leveraging my determination and self-awareness, I sought ways to harness my strengths and involve people in making meaningful, sustainable choices. Thus, Eco Kitchen was born.

While my enthusiasm urged me to dive headfirst into ambitious endeavors, I remained pragmatic, understanding the importance of starting small to build a solid foundation. After all, I'm still a dedicated student at Toronto Metropolitan University. After months of unwavering commitment, juggling work alongside my studies, I diligently saved enough resources to launch Eco Kitchen in October 2020. This marked the beginning of an exciting and purpose-driven journey.

Using Eco Kitchen as my platform, I aim to not only provide eco-friendly kitchen products but also to amplify awareness of our pressing climate crisis. I'm dedicated to involving both local and online communities in activities that promote sustainable lifestyles and behaviors. Moreover, a portion of our profits goes towards supporting organizations that reinvest in the Earth, furthering our shared commitment to safeguarding our planet.

Join me and the Eco Kitchen community in our mission to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Together, we can inspire change, nurture sustainability, and protect our planet for future generations.