About Us

Welcome to Eco Kitchen, an online shop that focuses on making sustainability simple in the kitchen by offering eco-friendly alternatives for plastics and other waste. We are a small Canadian business based in Toronto, Ontario and launched in October of 2020.
Eco Kitchen’s mission is to change wasteful habits established in the kitchen by making it simple to swap to more environmentally focused alternatives. Whether it be replacing single-use plastics with our long-lasting reusable products or using our biodegradable/plant-based substitutes, the countless small actions individuals make help to make a big difference for ourselves, wildlife and our planet.
 Eco Kitchen's vision is to be one of the top leading brands in sustainable alternatives and to help provide solutions to reduce environmental pollution and the subsequent harms to our planet. 
Here at Eco Kitchen, we take our own ecological footprint seriously, which is why we center our operations around green business practices. All of our products are packaged and shipped plastic-free to minimize any further consequential damage of single-use plastics.
We have opened our shop to increase awareness about the plastic pollution crisis, and emphasize the importance of reducing individual ecological footprint. Eco Kitchen dedicates time and resources to promote environmentalism in the online and local community and it is our goal to create innovative ways to get people involved in sustainable living activities and events.
Modern consumers are searching for trusted businesses to purchase from because they understand how important it is to take care of the environment and all the benefits associated with it. Over a long-term basis, these consumers are saving money, saving wildlife, avoiding potential health issues associated with plastic, and most importantly reducing environmental harm. Join the global movement to make positive changes in the quality of life for ourselves and planet today.