Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit
Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit

The Eco Kitchen

Eco Kitchen's Starter Kit

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Change is in the air! Now has never been a better time to join the many other individuals who are beginning their eco-conscious journeys, prioritizing the future of their planet, their health, their savings and the countless wildlife that help to support ecosystems around the globe. Far too much environmental devastation has been done in the name of single-use plastics and its been further normalized through the excuse of convenience.

Eco Kitchen has done its research and put together some of the best suited alternatives for some of the most used plastic items, beginning in the place they are most used; the kitchen. Instead of buying these items individually, buy this starter pack to start your eco journey at a lower price today!

Benefits of using these sustainable alternatives:

✔ Saves the environment by preventing the disposal of further single-use plastics

✔Saves wildlife that may have otherwise been affected by the damages of the plastic pollution 

✔ Saves you money by not having to repurchase single-use items

✔Save yourself by avoiding toxins such as BPA in plastics and unintentionally ingesting microplastics

Check out what's Included:

X 1 Bamboo & Coconut Kitchen Brush

 ➥ Kitchen Scrub Brush
| 8cm by 6cm |

This natural kitchen cleaning brush works incredibly to scrub pots and pans, regular dishware, or any surfaces with tough stains. It is designed to be strong, durable and has the ability to flex in order to clean corners, edges and other hard to reach areas.

✓ Sustainable substitute for plastic kitchen brushes
✓ Completely biodegradable and compostable
✓ Bamboo handle and coconut fiber bristles


X 1 Natural Loofah Sponge

 ➥ Loofah Sponge
| 10.5 cm by 6.5cm |

Wash your dishes with a sponge made out of 100% loofah plant! Water your sponge & watch it rise. When completely finished with it, kindly place it into your compost and it will naturally dispose of itself into the earth. 

✓ Sustainable alternative for synthetic sponges
✓ Completely biodegradable and compostable 
✓Made from 100% loofah plant


X 2 Reusable Lunch and Snack Bag 

➥Sandwich Bag
| 1000ml | 20cm by 17.5cm |
➥ Snack Bag
| 500ml | 20cm by 12cm |

There's no need to buy single-use plastic zip bags ever again. This kit includes both a sandwich and snack size reusable silicone bag. They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe! They can even withstand boiling water temperatures!

✓ Sustainable alternative for single-use plastic baggies
✓ Reusable and leak proof
✓ Made from BPA-free silicone 


X 6 Reusable Stretch Lids

➥ Stretchy Lid 6.5cm
➥ Stretchy Lid 9cm
➥ Stretchy Lid 11cm
➥ Stretchy Lid 14cm
➥ Stretchy Lid 16cm
➥ Stretchy Lid 19.5

Prevent unneeded single-use plastic wrap in your kitchen when you try our silicone stretch lid set of 6. Wrap left-overs in different sized dishware, wrap half cut fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh, spill proof cups or mugs and much more. Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.
✓ Sustainable alternative for plastic wrap
✓ Reusable and long-lasting
✓ Made from BPA-free silicone
X 2 Reusable Produce Bags

➥Net Produce Bag
| 48cm by 40cm |
➥Mesh Produce Bag
| 39.5 by 29cm |

 Putting your produce in plastic bags is the way of the past. Bring your reusable cotton produce bags on your next grocery store trip and save the environment one bag at a time!

✓ Alternative for plastic produce bags and plastic grocery bags
✓ Reusable and long-lasting
✓Made from 100% premium cotton


 From the burning of plastics that release harmful toxins into our atmosphere, to the pollution in our oceans and the involuntary loss wildlife face; the over-consumption of single-use plastics is destroying our earth.  Additionally, health experts have warned against single-use plastics as many suggest everyday items contain carcinogenic properties. There are so many benefits to switching over to sustainable alternatives and in the long-term you can even save money from not having to continuously repurchasing single-use plastics options.  

Make sustainable living easy in the kitchen with our Eco Kitchen Starter Kit, these small changes will make a big difference for you and our earth. So what are you waiting for, make the switch today!  

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